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Your Heart Generates an Electromagnetic Signal That Affects Everyone Around You

You’ve heard it before. One person has the power to change the world. Yes, that includes YOU. But this goes beyond just a feel-good statement. The impact you have can actually be measured in terms of electromagnetic fields.

With each act of kindness towards yourself or another, you make a difference. And as we come from the qualities of our heart more often, we become a powerful force of positive change in the world — together.

We may sometimes think that we are inferior enough to be that one individual in the world who doesn’t have the power to make a difference. Yet if enough of us believe in our power and act accordingly, we will notice how even the little things we do can change the course of someone’s day or perhaps even their life.


According to research at The HeartMath Institute, the electrical signals from our heart create an electromagnetic field around our bodies. This field interacts with our environment, including all of the people that we come into contact with. The energetic footprint of our field affects the energetic footprint of others and vice versa. When we feel the qualities that we often associate with the heart (love, kindness, compassion), we are more likely to act from these states throughout the day. The higher and more coherent frequency of these qualities changes the heart’s electric pattern and this becomes reflected in our electromagnetic field.


When people form relationships, it creates an energetic field between the individuals that creates and enhances information sharing. Every word and act that we express through the positive qualities of the heart contributes to what HeartMath Institute calls “Social Coherence.” This is a state of orderly information exchange between a group of people, resulting in feelings of compassion and connection.

Every time we show up in positive ways in our own lives, we contribute to social coherence in our families, communities, and nations. At much subtler levels, the energetic footprint we send out affects the earth’s magnetic field. Our heart’s magnetic field is connected with the earth’s magnetic field.

In a world where subatomic particles collide with the forces of electromagnetism (the other three forces of nature), including the very electrons that make up our cells, it is no surprise that our electrons at some point interact with the electrons of what we call the “outside world.”


You can intentionally amplify the power of the heart qualities that radiate from your heart to help bring individuals relationships, groups, or communities into more coherent states. Use this simple tool from the HeartMath Institute.

The Heart Lock-In Technique:

1. Heart Focused Breathing Close your eyes and focus your attention on the area of the heart. Breathe into your heart in an even rhythm.

2. Activate a Positive Feeling Activate and sustain a regenerative feeling such as care or compassion.

3. Feel Renewed by the Positive Feeling Imagine that you are sitting in the warm sun and feel the warmth radiating from your heart. See it permeating all of the cells in your body. Feel a sense of renewal from that warmth.

4. Radiate the Positive Feeling Outwards Radiate this warm feeling outward to your environment. Send thoughts of care and compassion to someone who needs more heart qualities in their life. Radiate these feelings to the planet and to all of humanity if you wish.


Radiating compassion to others also helps us access new solutions as it helps to dissolve our judgments and fears. The more inclusive we become in our thoughts about ourselves and others, the more fulfillment, flow, and creativity we feel. We come to know ourselves as the source of positive feelings, rather than seeking them out from outside ourselves.

This shift in perspective leaves us feeling empowered which further fuels our confidence as we do more things that confirm our inner strength.

You’ve been changing the world all along. Now you can do so on an even more conscious level. Your happiness is important — not just to you — but to all of us!

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