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Neuroplasticity: The Superpower Of Your Mind

We can break our negative habits. We can get rid of limiting and disempowering beliefs. We can teach ourselves how to be more confident, resilient, kind, compassionate, or patient. It’s all in the neural networks of our brains. Cells that fire together will wire together.

Neuroplasticity is a term that describes our brain's ability to change - to build new connections and rewire old ones. Yes that includes your negative habits, thought patterns, and mindsets.

We can strengthen our muscles with training. In the same way, we can strengthen positive traits through mental training. Changing deeply ingrained habits and attitudes is possible if we are willing to put in the mental work of learning to redirect our focus from the negative to the positive.

MENTAL FOCUS TRANSLATES INTO CHEMICAL REACTIONS Where we place our attention determines how we feel. Our emotions are a concoction of chemicals that are released when the brain tries to match our thoughts to a corresponding physical response.

Negative emotions are a result of placing our focus on our fears. Stress chemicals are released and we “feel” them through any of the range of negative emotions until we decide to change our mind or something external shifts our focus. Directing our focus on the positive releases feel-good chemicals that help us enjoy the present moment and motivate us to grow and expand our horizons.


Positive emotions improve our mental and physical well-being. They result in greater coherence between the brain and the heart, helping all of the body’s systems function in sync. Electric signals from the heart direct the brain to release signals to the rest of the body.

When we feel harmonious, there is more energy in the brain that can be directed towards whatever the body needs to focus on. Our immunity strengthens and healing speeds up. Our mental facilities heighten as we gain greater clarity, more focus, and the ability to think in more creative and new ways. The more we grow, the more we build confidence and the mental resilience needed to overcome obstacles.

Thanks to neuroplasticity, we can train ourselves to reside in positive mental states more often, thus reinforcing positive emotions and their power to help us keep creating better lives!


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