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Imagine your life if the voice of your inner critic was replaced with the voice of an inner cheerleader. You can use self-gratitude to train your mind to overcome self-doubt and replace it with courage and confidence as you embrace the full wonder of who you are!

Download your FREE
self-gratitude starter kit now

 and receive the following tools to help you overcome self-doubt:


Initial Self-Gratitude Exercise
Use these four prompts as tools to help you start feeling a greater sense of appreciation for who you are right now.

12 Week Self-Gratitude Journal Template
A weekly template with guided self-gratitude prompts. Customize it to include your favorite quotes or pictures.


52 Weekly Self-Reflection Questions
52 questions to reflect on your own magnificence and help you clarify your vision and purpose.

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Self-gratitude journal "I Am Essential" now available in paperback on Amazon.

Grab your copy here!

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