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Overcome your inner critic
so you can fearlessly

Follow your Bliss

You've got wonderful gifts to share with the world.
But sometimes those pesky negative voices in your head hold you back...

This website offers resources that empower you to be more confident.

It all starts with understanding the biology behind fear and doubt and learning how you can use this knowledge to cultivate greater self-compassion and self-love.

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What does it take to overcome the inner critic that keeps you from  believing in yourself and creating your dream life?

It all starts with a greater understanding of your mind's wiring.


There's a biological reason your brain makes the voices of fear and doubt so annoyingly loud sometimes.

But here's the good news:

Once you realize that you've always had the power to direct your thoughts, emotions, and actions in line with your dream life, you'll discover that a more meaningful and joyful life is much closer than you ever imagined.




FREE for Kindle Unlimited subscribers

Take a journey of self-discovery to uncover who you really are underneath the voice of the inner critic.

These uplifting words and inspirational messages will help you find your true essence while your eyes delight in the beauty of this world through breath-taking photos.

Soul nourishment & travel inspiration in one!

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Cultivate THE habit of


Imagine your life if the voice of your inner critic was replaced with the voice of an inner cheerleader. 
You can use self-gratitude to train your mind to overcome self-doubt and replace it with courage and confidence as you embrace the full wonder of who you are!

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Download your FREE
self-gratitude starter kit

 and get these tools to overcome self-doubt:


  • Initial Self-Gratitude Exercise
    Four questions to help you start feeling more appreciation for
    yourself as you remember how much value you provide.


  • 12 Week Self-Gratitude Journal Template
    A weekly template with guided self-gratitude prompts.
    Customize it to include your favorite quotes or pictures.


  • 52 Weekly Self-Reflection Questions
    52 questions to reflect on your own magnificence
    and help you clarify your vision and purpose.

Self-gratitude journal "I Am Essential" now available in paperback on Amazon!

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Learn more about self-compassion & THE SCIENCE OF RETRAINING

your mind

Visit the blog here for more articles that provide practical insights to help you elevate your mindset and find more peace today.

replace those negative voices in your head 

with reminders of your own strength

& get back to shining that

beautiful light of yours


Motivation is awesome.

But it only provides a short-term boost of dopamine and can wear off quickly.

To overcome your inner critic and thus increase confidence and resilience, you need to learn how to use your greatest superpower to cultivate a more empowering mindset.

That superpower that we all have is called neuroplasticity - the brain's ability to form new connections and to change the wiring of its current circuitry. This superpower allows us to train ourselves to replace negative habits and thought patterns with much more empowering and positive ones.

How do you get started with retraining your mind?

By paying attention to your inner self-talk and consciously redirecting your attention to your strengths -
through practices such as self-gratitude.

By being mindful of the content you consume:
choosing inspirational and educational content over fear-based or useless information.

extra resources to

nourish mind & soul

Links to YouTube Channels and Movies that will inspire, uplift, or educate you.

A list of a few great motivational and educational books to help you reset your mindset and transform your life.

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